7 Reliable Pieces Of Survival Gear


Survival situations can happen at any time. You can be sitting at home and an earthquake can hit. Or you can be driving when the car breaks down in the winter. And course, you might get lost on a hike and need to wait for rescue.

Survival and Bug Out Backpacks

You want to keep your survival kit organized and be ready to walk out with it if necessary. In an emergency situation, you don’t want to be scrambling for your supplies.

Shelter and Weather Protection

The foundation of your survival gear is shelter and bad weather gear. Hypothermia kills more people than any type of wildlife in the outdoors. And it can happen even in relatively warm weather.

Water And Hydration

Without water, you will die. Survival expert Dave Canterbury has said that he views access to clean water is even more crucial than shelter to survival because most of us start out dehydrated.

Keep Yourself Fed

Assuming you have access to water, you can survive at least 1 month without food. Hunger strikes and religious fasts have proven that is possible.

First Aid Kits

If you are in a survival situation, you are without a doubt, the first responder. This is true even if you are on a relaxing day hike.

Make Sure You Can Build A Fire

On the TV show Survivor, fire represents life. You can say fire represents life in a survival situation as well. Fire plays such an essential role in survival.

Keeping Your Devices Charged

It is nice to disconnect from civilization when we go into the outdoors. However, this doesn’t mean we can completely get away from the need for electricity. And in a survival situation, you must be able to navigate and communicate.

Bonus — Pack Scissors And A Saw

Dave Canterbury is a popular survival and bushcraft instructor. He is famous for his 10 Cs of survival. The first C is cutting tools.


Many people think that survival situations is something that happens to other people. They think if they live in the city and never even go for a walk, they will never be faced with the need for a survival kit or bug-out bag.



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Mark Wilcox

Mark Wilcox


I once backpacked 100 miles in 90 days. After 25 years in IT, I wanted more adventure in my life. I want to inspire you to add more adventure too.