Why Families Should Go Camping

Mark Wilcox
5 min readOct 1, 2021


Families are busy these days. Between work, school, and extracurricular activities it’s hard to find time for a family vacation.

A trip to the outdoors is the perfect way to escape the daily grind and enjoy the beauty of nature

Camping is also an inexpensive vacation option, making it perfect for families on a budget. It’s easy to pack up your tent and head out into the wilderness with just some supplies in tow. You can even camp right at home if you have the space!

There are so many benefits of camping that make it worth trying. From reconnecting with loved ones to getting back in touch with nature, there’s something for everyone when you go camping. Plus, kids love sleeping under the stars — they’ll never forget their first time!

Everlasting Bonds

The first reason to go camping with your family is the bonds that you will build. You can’t build bonds while you’re scrolling Facebook and the kids are playing video games.

Camping is a chance for everyone to experience nature and form memories.

Family bonding time doesn’t mean mom does all of the work.

The whole family can pitch in with camping chores like setting up camp, cooking dinner, or pitching the tent, giving everyone a chance to work together as a team.

Build Memories

You will build memories with your kids that they will cherish forever.

Even if it rains and you don’t get to venture out into the wilderness, there are always different things that can be done together as a family to make memories such as roasting marshmallows over the fire or reading books by lantern light.

Toddlers and preschoolers love camping because they feel like they’re on an adventure. They get to roast marshmallows and eat s’mores, their favorite treats!

Nature Will Awaken Your Senses

Nearby camping will give you the chance to experience nature in a way that most city dwellers never do. The calming effects of nature are priceless — especially when life gets hectic.

It’s Cheaper Than A Hotel

While you must invest in camping gear and there are often campground fees, it is still cheaper than booking a hotel room. Plus you save money on your meals because either you will be cooking at the campground or you will eat pre-cooked meals like sandwiches.

In addition, you won’t have to drive anywhere to have fun.

Build Skills

One of the benefits of camping is that your kids will learn skills that will serve them well later in life.

For instance, they will learn how to set up the tent which is a great way to exercise their spatial awareness and memory skills. They will also learn how to make a campfire which anyone can tell you is not an easy task.

Get Back to Nature

Another benefit of camping is that you are getting back to nature.

It can be easy to lose touch with nature living in the city, but being able to enjoy the beauty of trees and flowers will allow you to appreciate your home town more.

Camping also brings you closer to animals like raccoons, squirrels, and birds. If you’re lucky, maybe even a deer will come to visit!

Health Benefits

Research has shown that spending time in nature can improve your mental health. That’s because being out in the wilderness is relaxing which reduces stress levels. It also allows you to stop thinking about work for a while so it’s easier to forget about your problems.

Camping also has physical benefits. When you sleep in a tent, there is no electricity or WIFI, which means you are sleeping in the exact same environment as our ancestors did for thousands of years. While first-time campers often struggle with sleeping because of the strange noises, eventually you learn to enjoy the sounds.

I can even get a full eight hours while sleeping on the ground on my sleeping pad.

And one more thing: you will appreciate all of the luxuries in your life so much more after spending time outdoors in nature. A shower, a fresh set of clothes, and clean sheets will feel like heaven when you return home!

Learn Self-Confidence

Not only will you help your children improve their physical health by going camping, but you will also improve their mental health by increasing their self-confidence.

Improving their self-confidence will naturally increase as they are able to complete tasks like building a campfire or learning how to navigate using only a compass.

It’s important to let your kids go wandering and exploring while camping though teaches them so that they don’t get lost or hurt while exploring on their own.

Build a Sense of Independence

Camping will teach your children to become more independent and confident because while you are there to help them, they need to do a lot of things by themselves such as pitching the tent.

If your kids aren’t moving out anytime soon, then camping is a great way to allow them to gain the skills they will use when they do leave.

Finally, camping teaches kids that although you are in nature, it’s still important to follow safety rules like wearing a life jacket while canoeing or staying with your family at all times when exploring. This is an important lesson for them to learn early on.

It’s Fun

One final thing, camping is a lot of fun!

You get to enjoy nature and try out different activities that you can’t do at home. I love going fishing, something I couldn’t do in the city. While it’s important to make sure your kids are old enough before you go camping, it’s also a great way for them to enjoy some quality time with their parents.

Camping is a great way for your children to learn about the natural world and have fun. If you are looking for some more family bonding time, then camping may be just what you need. Plus it’s cheaper and more fulfilling than a generic hotel. Be sure to do research before taking your kids so that they can enjoy themselves safely!

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